Modernist Design Styles Evident at Orange County Choppers

Most of us are aware of the reality show “American Choppers” and the legal battle, thankfully now over, between Paul Jr. Designs and Paul Sr. at Orange County Choppers (OCC).

We decided to take a close look at OCC’s showroom in Newburgh, New York, where modernist, classic styling is evident in their motorcycle designs, in a big way.

Materials are creatively used to continue a uniquely modernist theme throughout the motorcycle showroom.  Check out the drop-dead gorgeous jewelry-like exhaust sleeve on the chopper below.  Fabulous repetitive lines exude the impression of speed, a trait of the Streamline era of design.

The power of strong geometry in many of the Orange County Chopper designs help to create some fabulous bikes. We hope Paul Sr. will contact us for interview. Take a look, and please leave us your comments and observations. We also hope to visit Paul Jr. Designs soon, and welcome any invitation to discuss his design philosophy with him, as well….