Textile Designs by Marimekko Stand the Test of Time

Marimekko, established in 1951, is a Finnish textile and clothing design company known for their iconic original prints . The fun, colorful and innovative designs became an instant sensation in 1960 when Jackie Kennedy appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated wearing a fabulous sleeveless Marimekko red dress. Sales soared. These brightly colored textiles, simply designed with minimal ornament, allowed mixing and matching in fun new ways. They became iconic images of the time.

Simple black and whites were designed as perfect accompaniments in modern decors. The brightly colored upholstery fabrics made their own statement and were used in many of the fine modern interior designs of the era.

Recently there has been a amazing resurgence in Marimekko’s popularity. The iconic fabrics are showing in many luxury modernist interiors as accents and focal points.

When used as accents, the vibrant fabrics draw you in to almost any modern environment and cause many smiles.

Marimekko continues to design and manufacture new clothing, textiles, bags and other accessories, all with their magical signature style.

Placemats and pillows…bags and wall art… Check them out, and be inspired.


I-Spy With My Modernist Eye: Jewelry Designs By Bouvet

Lise Bouvet creates fabulous eco-friendly jewelry and colorful, contemporary Shibori silk scarves. Her modernist jewelry designs are delicately hand-formed, created using primarily recycled gold and silver. Her simple design aesthetic draws you in.

Lise has explored different metalsmithing techniques as a full time studio artist. More of her collection is available at lisebouvet.com.

Designers Display Modernist Muscle at BDNY Show

We absolutely loved the BDNY Show at the Javits Center in Manhattan this November.  We met many talented designers and vendors, all with fabulous modernist offerings, ready to wow us – and they delivered.

At left, from the fascinating “Trend Walk” exhibit curated by Stacy Garcia, contributing designers were selected to showcase eight design trends. The result was inspirational, from the “Mid-Century Ideal” exhibit from J/Brice Design International, to the “Acid Hip” (entrance shown below) installation from Dovetail Design.  Our exploration of modernist living continues…

Hepburn’s Classic “Modern” Style

The classic timeless beauty of Audrey Hepburn, coupled with the elegant and modernist styling of her many fabulous costumes, are now being appreciated by a new generation. Many iconic images of Ms. Hepburn have been seen in some new places, introducing her iconic images to legions of new fans.

Snippets of her iconic style are now adorning showroom walls in the New York City area, and will certainly be seen and appreciated by millions. Above, in the iconic Givenchy gown with a string of pearls and long black gloves, in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Audrey rocks.

For old and new fans, visit the Audrey Hepburn official site and Children’s Fund portal; read about and support her great humanitarian work for children.

Modernist Interiors Designed with Le Corbusier Colors

Pioneering modernist, architect and designer, Le Corbusier (1887-1965) designed some of the early iconic minimalist buildings. Villa Savoye was built between 1929 and 1931 and was a revelation in modern design.  It remains a fine example of Bauhaus design.  Le Corbusier also began experimenting with furniture design in 1928.  He produced a palette of 80 colors (shown above and at  aaltocolour.com)  The discovery that these colors existed, recently caused a frenzy to his many fans. Designed as a modernist swatch collection, it is now manufactured as paint by a Swiss company, KT Color, and gives a new dimension to the modernist discussion about color and theory.

The collection, including colors like Lapis Lazuli and Raw Ochre, will certainly affect modernist interior design palettes for many years to come.

Glamour and Sophistication From Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump has proven that her design style is hot, hot, hot!  Elegant and luxurious, these expertly crafted jewelry designs are sure to please.  She has created a sophisticated collection, reminiscent of the glamour days of Hollywood in the 40’s and 50’s, with homage paid to Art Deco era style.  See her latest collection at: http://www.ivankatrumpcollection.com